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At Hotel Alcázar we know how much your pet loves you, and that it suffers if you are not there. We want to give you the chance to travel with your pet and avoid the fear it feels in your absence.

At our hotel we have a lush garden where you can go for a relaxing walk with your pet. We will be delighted to have you!

Pet policy

The hotel allows a maximum of 2 pets per room. We accept dogs and cats.

Admission conditions

- Your pet should spend the night at the room.
- As far as possible, we will try to give you the closest rooms to the hotel garden.
- Your pet will NOT be allowed to stay alone at the room. Its access to the common areas will be allowed with the exception of the dining room.
- There is no additional charge for staying with your pets, we are happy for them to travel with you.
- The hotel could request, if needed, the documents to check the vaccines, the microchip and the insurance.