Discover the Basque culture firsthand
Discover the Basque culture firsthand
Experience the rich Basque culture through exciting events and festivals held in Irún. Immerse yourself in Basque traditions, music, dance, and gastronomy.

Irún is a place full of history and traditions celebrated enthusiastically throughout the year. Among the highlights are Las Bixintxos, Caldereros Festival, Carnival, Holy Week, San Marcial Festivities, Fiesta del Chipirón, Dies Oiassonis, Kutxa Ceremony, Gaztefolk, and Euskal Jira, among others.

Popular Festivals in Irún: Basque Culture at its Essence

Las Bixintxo is a celebration that takes place in January in Hendaya, where children dress up as pirates, and a potato omelette gastronomic contest is organized. It's an opportunity to enjoy festive games and the lively local atmosphere.

Caldereros Festival originated in Donostia but has spread to other Basque towns. During these festivities, men and women roam the streets shouting slogans and creating a festive atmosphere with music.

Carnival is a globally renowned festival celebrated on different dates depending on Easter Sunday. In the Basque Country, Carnival is experienced intensely with parades, costumes, and culinary celebrations.

Easter is an occasion to witness religious reenactments of the Passion of Christ. In Hondarribia, Good Friday stands out for its spectacular nature.

San Marcial Festivities commemorate a historic victory of the troops from Irún. It involves a display of arms and a procession in honor of San Marcial, the city's patron saint.

Fiesta del Chipirón is a gastronomic event celebrated on July 13th. Bar and restaurant owners prepare various dishes with chipirón, a typical ingredient of the Basque Country. In addition to enjoying delicious food, attendees can also enjoy music, dances, and a festive atmosphere.

Dies Oiassonis is a program of historical reenactment promoted by the Oiasso Roman Museum. During two weeks in July, life in the ancient Roman city of Oiasso is recreated, with an emphasis on maritime aspects and other facets of Roman times.

The Kutxa Ceremony is an event held during the Feast of Santiago Apóstol, where a young daughter of an arrantzale carries a chest containing the annual account books of the Cofradía. After reading the results of the fishing campaign, the inauguration of new members of the board of directors takes place.

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