Irun, Strategic Point between France and Spain
Irun, Strategic Point between France and Spain
Irun is a city with a rich history and a strategic geographic location, which stands as a key meeting point between France and Spain. This article will explore the various facets that make Irun outstanding, from its geographical position to its dynamic business fabric and its commitment to innovation.

Strategic Cross-Border Territory:

Irun stands out as a strategic asset, serving as a meeting point for economic and cultural exchanges over the centuries. Located in the heart of the Eurocity, it acts as a hinge between the north and south of the Donostia-Baiona corridor, consolidating itself as the main node for cross-border relations in the region.

2. Complete Intermodal Communications Network:

Irun's connectivity is one of its greatest competitive advantages. Its transport infrastructure, both rail and road, positions it as a master key to access any European point. In addition, the nearby airports and the Port of Pasajes connect it nationally and internationally, while its drive for electromobility places it at the forefront.

3. Business Infrastructures:

Irun offers an ideal setting for business meetings and business gatherings. The FICOBA fairgrounds, the first cross-border fairground in the EU, and the ZAISA logistics platform are examples of infrastructures that meet diverse business needs, fostering commercial relations and the exhibition of products.

4. Access to Knowledge:

With a comprehensive training offer, Irun stands out for its close collaboration with the local business fabric. From the university campus of Mondragon Unibertsitatea to quality vocational training centers, the city is positioned as a privileged place to attract talent and knowledge-oriented companies.

5. Cross-border Innovation Ecosystem:

The drive for innovation is reflected in programs such as the E-Innovador project and the Irun Ekintzan Awards. The City Council and Bidasoa Activa lead an ecosystem that articulates companies, knowledge and research, promoting innovative culture in the region.

6. Dynamic Weave of Companies and Entrepreneurship:

With an entrepreneurial business community integrated in a network of public-private agents, Irun favors economic development and employment generation. Efficient collaboration stimulates productivity-boosting practices, such as innovation and internationalization.

7. Economic Sectors of the Future:

Irun is committed to innovation in sectors such as electromobility, advanced logistics, agri-food industry, retail 4.0, advanced services, tourism and creative economy, generating opportunities for innovative companies.

8. Attractive Environment for Investing, Living and Progressing:

20 minutes from San Sebastián and Biarritz, Irun offers a balance between economic activity, culture, gastronomy, and quality of life. Its focus on knowledge and sustainability makes it an attractive place for investment and personal development.

9. Programs and Actions for Economic Promotion:

The Irun City Council, through projects such as Irun Ekintzan, drives entrepreneurship, innovation and business competitiveness, promoting events such as Irun Open Innovation and Krea Bidasoa.

10. Projects of Today, Opportunities for the Future:

The Strategic City Project proposes an Urban Innovation District, using railway spaces to generate new economic activity. The Irun Center, connecting the station with the Plaza de la Aduana, promises to be a central point for innovative economic activities.

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