Discover the charm of Txakoli and visit the historic Hirutza Winery
Discover the charm of Txakoli and visit the historic Hirutza Winery
Wine tourism has become a growing trend worldwide, and Euskadi is no exception. This region in northern Spain, known for its rich gastronomic culture and natural beauty, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of Basque wine, with Txakoli as the protagonist.

Txakoli: The Basque wine that captivates with its freshness and flavor

Txakoli is a young, fresh white wine originally from Euskadi. It is characterized by being light, slightly sparkling, and with citrus flavors. Made mainly with native grapes from the region, it is recognized for its gastronomic versatility and its ability to pair with seafood, fish, and pintxos. It has gained international recognition and has become a benchmark of quality in the wine world.

Exploring the historic Hirutza Winery in Hondarribia

The name of the winery, Hiruzta, means "harvest of three" in Basque, and represents the dream of a father and his two sons: Asensio, Txarli, and Angel Rekalde. Passionate wine enthusiasts, they decided to create their own Txakoli winery in one of the most beautiful places in Euskal Herria: Hondarribia. What started as a shared dream has become a successful reality today.

This family winery, with international projection, is much more than a wine production site. It is a way of life. Visiting the Hirutza Winery is a unique experience. You can stroll through the vineyards and get a close look at the process of making Txakoli, from harvesting to fermentation and bottling. The winery experts will be delighted to explain all the details and answer your questions.

But the best part is the opportunity to taste Txakoli in a privileged setting. The winery has a tasting area where you can enjoy the different wines they produce, appreciating their characteristic aromas and flavors. Txakoli is a perfect wine to pair with delicious Basque cuisine.

Rest and comfort at Hotel Alcazar in Irun

If you are planning a visit to Euskadi, Hotel Alcázar Irún is the perfect place to stay and discover Txakoli. From here, you can explore the nearby area of Hondarribia, where the historic Hirutza Winery is located.

The strategic location of Hotel Alcázar Irún allows you to make the most of your leisure time. Irún is a charming city with a wide range of cultural, gastronomic, and commercial offerings. Take a stroll through its historic streets, visit its museums, and discover the essence of this unique land.

Wine tourism in Euskadi is an experience you can't miss, and the Hirutza Winery is the ideal place to discover the fascinating world of Txakoli. Combine your visit to this family winery with a stay at Hotel Alcázar in Irún and enjoy the beauty of this region while savoring its exquisite wines.

Don't wait any longer and discover the amazing world of Txakoli in Euskadi!