Mount Aldabe: a place full of history, nature, and beauty
Mount Aldabe: a place full of history, nature, and beauty
Irun’s Monte Aldabe or Monte de San Marcial is one of the most emblematic places of Gipuzkoa. It is a 224.8 metre high mountain that houses a hermitage dedicated to San Marcial and offers spectacular views of the Bidasoa estuary.

Why is it called Monte Aldabe or Monte de San Marcial?

The official name of this mountain is Aldabe, which means “rock” in Basque. However, it is better known by the Irunesians as Monte de San Marcial, due to the hermitage that was built on its summit in the 16th century.

The hermitage was built to commemorate the victory of the local troops over the French in the battle of 30 June 1522, which took place on the slopes of the mountain. According to tradition, the saint appeared in the sky and encouraged the Irunesians to resist the French siege. Since then, a festival in his honour, the Alarde de San Marcial, has been celebrated every year on 30 June.

The original hermitage was destroyed by lightning in 1796 and rebuilt in 1804. In 1910 a tower was added and in 1936 it suffered further damage during the Civil War. Currently, the hermitage houses an image of San Marcial and several tombstones commemorating the battles fought on the mountain.

How to get to Mount Aldabe?

Mount Aldabe can be reached on foot or by car. There are several routes that start from different points in the city and allow you to enjoy nature and the landscape.

For those who prefer to drive, there is a paved road that leads to the car park next to the chapel. Just take the road from the roundabout next to the cemetery of Irun, near Gazteluzar.

What to do on Mount Aldabe?

Mount Aldabe or San Marcial is an ideal place to enjoy nature, leisure, and culture. Some of the activities that can be done are:

-Visiting the hermitage of San Marcial and the viewpoint next to it, from where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city, the bay, the river and the nearby mountains.

-Enjoy a day in the countryside in the large recreational area around the hermitage, with tables, benches, fountains, and barbecues.

-Practice outdoor sports such as hiking along the various paths and routes that cross the mountain and its surroundings.

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