The Secrets of the Basque Country
The Secrets of the Basque Country
The Basque Country, known for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, holds hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by those seeking authentic experiences. In the heart of Gipuzkoa, just an hour from San Sebastian, lies Oñati, a village that will transport you through time with its historical heritage and spectacular natural surroundings. But we can't forget Irún, a border town full of history and charm. Discover the secrets that await in these two unique destinations in the Basque Country.

Oñati: hidden treasure of Gipuzkoa

Known as "the Basque Toledo", Oñati is a living testimony to the rich history of the Basque Country. The cobblestone streets and stately buildings will transport you back in time, while the imposing Zumeltzegi Tower reminds you of the town's glorious feudal past. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the first University of the Basque Country, a Renaissance monument that continues to impress visitors with its majestic architecture and rich academic legacy. Also, immerse yourself in the town's chocolate-making tradition at the "Txokolateixia" Chocolate Interpretation Center, where you can enjoy a unique sensory experience.

Delve into the depths of the earth and discover the Arrikrutz cave, a subway labyrinth that holds fascinating archaeological and paleontological secrets. From the skeleton of the cave lion to the mysterious river that runs through the cave, every corner of Arrikrutz invites you to explore and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Irun: Gateway to the Basque Country

Located on the border with France, Irun is much more than a crossing point between two countries. With a history dating back to Roman times and a diverse cultural influence due to its strategic location, this charming municipality offers a unique experience for visitors. Explore the city's museums and enjoy the history that has shaped Irun's destiny over the centuries. From German-Spanish encounters during World War II to historical disputes with France, each exhibit takes you on a journey through time.

Don't forget to indulge in exquisite Basque gastronomy as you explore the charms of Irún. From traditional pintxos to innovative dishes that fuse the best of Basque and French cuisine, every bite is an unforgettable dining experience.

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